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Foundation to support
Ukrainian startup Founders

YEP Incubator has been supporting early-stage startups in Eastern Europe.
350+ startups had been incubated since 2016

Ukrainian Startup Fund is a state fund that is the biggest angel investor in the country.
Since 2019, USF supported 230 startups with grants for over 5 million USD

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On February 24th, Russia launched a full-scale attack against Ukraine. Many cities, including Kyiv, suffer from airstrikes, and their residents have to live in bomb shelters.

Instead of performing their jobs, millions of Ukrainians face brutal war and fight. Along with the military and humanitarian challenges, economic ones are now crucial in this war. We need to save the Ukrainian entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem. 

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« It is common to say that an entrepreneur should get out of any situation, work out all the risks on their own and figure out how to turn any crisis into an opportunity. But war is not just a crisis that people usually talk about in such cases. These are much worse conditions! For many people in Ukraine, this is a catastrophe, when at one point, all the stability that was in life breaks… life just breaks. Startup founders are no exception. Priorities are changing dramatically - saving the family, protecting relatives, minimizing risks and uncertainty, optimizing costs to survive banally in conditions where you do not know when the war will end and if there will be no famine…

We are looking for donates from angel investors, VCs, and other members of the global startup community. Our goal is to collect
1 million USD to help dozens of teams to survive the nearest months.  »

CEO and Founder at YEP


There are thousands of up-and-coming early-stage startups at MVP and pre-traction stage. They are now the most vulnerable category in the startup ecosystem. According to the survey held by USF among 150 startups, most of them are in a critical situation and have "funds to go" on average for only 1-3 months.

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« Despite the difficult conditions, the startup industry in Ukraine is keeping together. In wartime, startups are both standing shoulder to shoulder with our country defenders and trying to preserve the viability of their projects and continue to work. Now they are in desperate need of help and investments

We urge our international partners to
support Ukrainian startups and, thus, the national economy »

Director of Ukrainian Startup Fund

How will we manage the fund?

Together with Ukrainian Startup Fund we are willing to make the procedure as transparent and simple as possible in these conditions. Startups can apply via the existing Ukrainian Startup Fund web portal for receiving grants. The system will automatically approve applications and distribute them to USF experts for evalution and decision-making.


YEP as an NGO will manage the fund and provide grants according to USF approvals.

Every donator will get a report on the use of funds.

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Your support and every effort let the Ukrainian startup ecosystem survive and grow and help the national economy face unprecedented challenges of this war.


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About us

YEP is a platform launched in 2016 in Ukraine, powered by Ukrainian NGO Platform of Innovative Partnership. YEP provides young people with opportunities for personal and professional development through entrepreneurship.
The team has 5 years of experience in early-stage startups’ development and over 350 teams that passed our incubation. For the last year and a half 15 of our alumni got $500 000 funds from angel investors.
YEP have also created an ecosystem of youth entrepreneurship which unites more than 50% of all universities through the country.

Ukrainian Startup Fund is a state fund launched on the initiative of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The mission of the fund is to promote the creation and development of technological startups in the early stages (pre-seed and seed), in order to increase their global competitiveness. USF originally set up to promote the development of the local startup ecosystem and today is the largest local angel investor with already 230 funded startups and the most extensive startups database and stakeholders.

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